The word “suggest” is obviously very common in English, and is worth examining closely. The problem lies with its grammatical forms, namely in the possible structures that follow. Take a look at the following examples of correct usage (taken from the Oxford Advanced Learners Dictionary):

Synonym: “propose”
[VN] May I suggest a white wine with this dish, Sir?  
[V(that)] I suggest (that) we go out to eat.
[V-ing] I suggested going in my car.
[VNthat] It has been suggested that bright children take their exams early.
NOTE: You cannot “suggest to do something” (Vinf): XWe suggest to implement a resource management system.X

Synonym: “recommend”
[VN] Who would you suggest for the job?
        She suggested Paris as a good place for the conference.
        Can you suggest a good dictionary?

NOTE: You cannot ‘suggest somebody something’: XCan you suggest me a good dictionary?X