Simon Marti on Holacracy

Today’s interview is with Simon Marti, founder of @ctivAsyl and active promoter of holacracy. Never heard of it? This podcast will offer you insights into why separating “roles and souls”, as Brian Robertson puts it, just might be the way out of hierarchy- and consensus-driven organizational gridlock. Simon discusses his work with refugees, his experience using holacracy, and his plans for the future, including an revenue-generation model for volunteer organizations otherwise dependent on donations.

Interview with Simon Marti

Ricardo Semmler, author of Maverick, talks about the development of his company into a multi-billion dollar international giant in this TED video.  His company has been devoted to employee engagement instead of compliance since 1975 – with outstanding results. Meetings are optional, management is elected by their subordinates, and employees set their own work schedules and salaries – all in one of the world’s most turbulent economies, Brazil.

Show Notes:
Frederic Laloux, Reinventing Organizations

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