Resumes and CVs

American resumes differ from Swiss CVs in a few, albeit significant, ways. Most importantly, a resume will contain no personal information about the job applicant other than name and address; age, nationality, marital status, and gender, for example, will not appear. Most noticeably, resumes show no picture of the applicant.

Resumes, particularly the career objective and skills resume, include a short statement at top summarizing a candidate’s employment objective or skill set. In Switzerland, the letter of application includes these.

In the work experience and academic qualifications segment, any experience further than 10-15 years back is considered not relevant to the current application. Instead of a listing of job responsibilities, the American resume will often include a sentence outlining the candidate’s accomplishments during previous employment (“helped increase profits by 25% in the sales department”).

Finally, hobbies or interests are usually only included if they have work-related relevance; in particular, voluntary work or evidence of a well-rounded individual (music or athletic accomplishments) are considered helpful. Letters of recommendation are normally sent only if the candidate is invited to an interview typically, the phrase “References available upon request” refers to this.