Regula Meng, Sustainability Professional

In today’s interview, Regula Meng, recent graduate of the London School of Economics, discusses the insights she has gained working in sustainability. With a MSc degree in Global Politics, she has covered a variety policy issues such as business ethics, human rights, supply chains, climate change, and sustainable economic development. Her MSc Thesis Improving Working Conditions in Transnational Supply Chains: Emphasis on Worker Empowerment in Non-State Governance Arrangements won the Joint MSc Global Politics Prize for Best Dissertation in the 2015/16 academic year, and she herself was awarded with the prize for Best Overall Performance.

Her recent work with the Swiss-based Ecofact AG in Zurich allowed her to combine theory with practice as a Sustainability  Analyst. There, she gained experience writing company and industry reports on the labor rights in a particular national industry, for example, with respect to ESG (environmental, social, governance) risk issues. She talks about her consultant role researching and writing abstracts on regulatory initiatives for the Policy Outlook, an online database used to monitor national and international regulatory change in the field of ESG.

Her advice to upcoming graduates? Use experiences abroad to improve your international perspectives and knowledge of languages; try different, short internships to determine your interests; and don’t be afraid to send blind applications to organizations you are interested in.