Proposals – Describing Methods

The research strategy section of your proposal indicates the data collection methods you intend to use. Here you should describe your sample and methodology while justifying your choices for doing so.  Below, you will find commonly used language for:

  1.  describing the research sample;
  2.  justifying your methodological choices;
  3.  analyzing the data.

Describing the sample
The initial sample consists of 20 firms, seven of which did not return the survey.
The participants in the study are between 7 to 9 years of age.
Two groups will be formed, the test group and a control group.
A random sample of test subjects will be recruited from…

Justifying your methods
A quantitative approach will be chosen because…
Burroughs (2004b) highlights several advantages of regression analysis.
A qualitative approach allows for…
The design of the questionnaires is based on …

Analyzing the data
Data analysis will be performed using the university’s SPSS.
Observation will be carried out over a period of four weeks…
Scripted pilot interviews will be conducted by the researcher.
Data will only be collected with the consent of the school administration.
The results will be corroborated by independent experiments.