Mobile Motion Film Festival

Interview with Andrea Holle, Founder and Director

Andrea Holle is Founder and Director of the Mobile Motion Film Festival, or MoMo, in Zurich. This one-of-a-kind film event offers a platform which, as the website says, “provides a level playing field for filmmakers, where talent, creativity and hard work count more than budget and industry connections”. What makes MoMo different is that all submissions are filmed on smartphones.

In today’s interview (12’33”), Andrea talks about the inception of the idea, running the first two events, and the effort involved in creating a fan base for crowd-funding:

Interview with Andrea Holle

Next event: May 27-28, 2017, in Zurich.

MoMo Website

For a taste of powerful storytelling made possible by smartphones, watch the MoMo Audience Choice 2016: The Cloud.