Matthias Hunkeler, Prime Your State

Matthias Hunkeler is an entrepreneur and founder of Prime Your State, a Los-Angeles-based company devoted to giving people the tools they need to regulate their personal energy and improve their performance. In today’s interview, we talk about his journey first as a graduate of the Lucerne School of Business to private banking in Zürich and how he ended up teaching and researching in the field of state priming.

Matthias discusses his current interests in neuroscience and the use of metrics in tools for mental rehearsals and personal energy regulation. He has studied with Wim Hof (the Ice Man) and Ido Portal to refine his understanding and use of these techniques in practice. He also explains why only a small percentage of our mind is available for change and why habits are more important than goals. Along the way, we discuss why Americans work so much and how life can dramatically change from one moment to the next.

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