Jan-Erik Baars, Leading Design

Jan-Erik has design in his blood. From his early days, he was drawn to graphic design and did sketches of favorite cartoons. This passion led him to study industrial design in Germany and landed him an internship at Philips Design. This, in turn, led to more responsibility in product design and, increasingly, the intersection between design and business. By the time he left Philips, he had become its CDO for Consumer Electronics.

In this interview, Jan-Erik argues that design must be an integral part of every business process. The truth is that managers make design-related decisions on a regular basis – without even knowing it. Yet design – despite the success of Apple, one of the world’s largest companies by revenue – still often remains on the margins of product development cycles.

Since 2011 he consults companies (en.janerikbaars.com/) on their design processes and has taken an increasingly active role as lecturer in Lucerne at the School of Design & Art In this interview, he shares insights from his experience managing design and why leading design should be central to every organization’s thinking about its brand and identity. He also tells about what he learned from his Grandfather and why carpe diem may not always be the best advice.

Find out more about Jan-Erik on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/janerikbaars/) and check out his new book on Leading Design due to be released in March of 2018.