German-to-English Translations

Difficult to translate expressions

Some words cannot be translated into English since the concept may not be culturally transferable or is unknown in the Anglo-American world. Such words should be italicized, e.g. duzen, schadenfroh, etc, followed by an explanation in brackets if this is needed or helpful.

Agreement on the use of a day/night safe (
Vertrag über die Benützung des Tag-/Nachttresors)

Similarly, Swiss/German institutions may have no official English name. The unofficial English name informs the reader of the institution’s purpose, while the German name refers to the actual institution itself in case further information is needed.

Einwohnerkontrolle (
residents’ registration authorities)

Capitalize titles of specific persons:

Chairman of the Board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Executive Board, Head of Human Resources

but lowercase general, descriptive terms:

the deans of schools, members of committees, heads of subdepartments