Word of the Day: FACE (verb) ◆◆◆◆◆

Many body parts double as verbs and nouns (He eyed me carefully) and the word ‘face’ is no different. Essentially, it has a similar meaning to ‘confront’ or ‘tackle’, and is thus often used in the context of problems and difficulties.

~face the future
~face difficulties / troubles / a challenge / the consequences (of…)
~face the music (= take responsibility for your actions)

With a sound technical education, you can face the future with certainty.
This project has faced difficulties from the beginning
Shirley was now facing the consequences of her youth.
Time to stand up and face the music.

Below, you will find more examples of ‘face’, this time in noun phrases (‘in/on the face of’’).

in the face of something
She showed great courage in the face of danger.
The campaign continued in the face of great opposition.
He was unable to deny the charges in the face of new evidence.

on the face of it
DEF (informal) used to say that something seems to be good, true, etc. but that this opinion may need to be changed when you know more about it
On the face of it, it seems like a great deal.
What may, on the face of it, seem obvious often turns out to be far more complicated.

Verbs of Facial Expression (bonus material) – OALD Online

You know words such as ‘smile’. Do you know these?

1.    To beam is to have a big happy smile on your face.
2.    To frown is to make a serious, angry or worried expression by bringing your eyebrows closer together so that lines appear on your forehead.
3.    To glare or glower is to look in an angry, aggressive way.
4.    To grimace is to make an ugly expression with your face to show pain, disgust, etc.
5.    To scowl is to look at someone in an angry or annoyed way.
6.    To smirk is to smile in a silly or unpleasant way that shows that you are pleased with yourself, know something that other people do not know, etc.
7.    To sneer is to show that you have no respect for someone by turning your upper lip upwards.

These words can also be used as nouns:
She looked up with a puzzled frown. 
He gave me an icy glare. a grimace of pain