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This category contains an excerpt of the Oxford Advanced Learners’ Dictionary list of 250 business and finance words.


limitation n.

[C] limitation (on sth) a rule, fact or condition that limits Einschränkung {audio}OALD/limitation_sentences.mp3″][/audio] to impose limitations on imports Disability is a physical limitation on your life.… read more


yield v., n.

[vn] to produce or provide sth, for example a profit, result or crop Higher-rate deposit accounts yield good returns. The research has yielded useful information. trees that no longer yield fruit… read more


worldwide adj., adv.

[usually before noun] affecting all parts of the world an increase in worldwide sales  The story has attracted worldwide attention.  We have 2 000 members worldwide.… read more


workforce n.

1 all the people who work for a particular company, organization, etc. SYN  staff: 2 all the people in a country or an area who are available for work Arbeitskraft {audio}OALD/workforce_sentences.mp3″][/audio] The factory has a 1000-strong workforce. Ç… read more


warranty n.

pl. -ies) [C, U] a written agreement in which a company selling sth promises to repair or replace it if there is a problem within a particular period of time SYN  guarantee Garantie {audio}OALD/warranty_sentences.mp3″][/audio] The television comes with… read more


voluntary adj.

1 one willingly, not because you are forced:2[usually before noun] (of work) done by people who choose to do it without being paid freiwillig, Non-Profit {audio}OALD/voluntary_sentences.mp3″][/audio] a voluntary agreement Attendance on the course is purely voluntary. to pay… read more


vendor n.

a person who sells things, for example food or newspapers, usually outside on the street (Straßen)Händler(in); Verkäufer(in) {audio}OALD/vendor_sentences.mp3″][/audio] street vendors… read more


VAT n. (BrE)

[U] (BrE) a tax that is added to the price of goods and services (abbreviation for ‘value added tax’) Mehrwertsteuer {audio}OALD/vat_sentences.mp3″][/audio] Prices include VAT. Ç £27.50 + VAT… read more


variable adj., n.

1 often changing; likely to change:2 a situation, number or quantity that can vary or be varied Variable, variabel {audio}OALD/variable_sentences.mp3″][/audio] variable temperatures Ç The acting is of variable quality (= some of it is good and some… read more


valuation n.

a professional judgement about how much money sth is worth; its estimated value Schätzung, Schätzwert {audio}OALD/valuation_sentences.mp3″][/audio] Surveyors carried out a valuation of the property. Experts set a high valuation on the painting. land valuation… read more


utility n.

[C] (especially NAmE) a service provided for the public, for example an electricity, water or gas supply öffentlichen Versorgungsbetriebe {audio}OALD/utility_sentences.mp3″][/audio] the administration of public utilities… read more


undertaking n.

[C] undertaking (to do sth) | undertaking (that … ) (formal) an agreement or a promise to do sth Unternehmen, Zusicherung {audio}OALD/undertaking_sentences.mp3″][/audio] He is interested in buying the club as a commercial undertaking. a government undertaking to spend… read more


undertake v.

[vn] to make yourself responsible for sth and start doing it (-took, -taken) etwas übernehmen; sich verpflichten {audio}OALD/undertake_sentences.mp3″][/audio] to undertake a task / project University professors both teach and undertake research. The company has announced that it will… read more


underlying adj.

important in a situation but not always easily noticed or stated clearly zu Grunde liegend {audio}OALD/underlying_sentences.mp3″][/audio] The underlying assumption is that the amount of money available is limited. Unemployment may be an underlying cause of the rising crime… read more


underlie v.

(formal) to be the basis or cause of sth zu Grunde liegen {audio}OALD/underlie_sentences.mp3″][/audio] These ideas underlie much of his work. It is a principle that underlies all the party’s policies.… read more