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Stages, Actors, and Anchors

Interactive teaching involves problem solving and answering challenge questions. Setting up these activities, however, requires choreography: You would never say “dance a bit”, yet we often expect our students to “discuss a bit”.  Every problem has its setting; every answer… read more

The Carousel

BRING BACK THE SLIDE PROJECTOR! In this clip, Don Draper is pitching his firm’s “Carousel” campaign to Kodak. Besides the brilliance of the pitch, it’s his masterful, high-status slideshow that blows the prospects away with no notes and a clear… read more

How to speak about NGOs

In a recent visit to an international organization in Geneva, I was intrigued by the significant frequency of verb-noun clusters. In the talk I heard, the speaker was discussing the organization, which means he was speaking about business, though not… read more

Chadwick on Values Selling

In this presentation on Values Selling to business in the IT industry, Clint Chadwick talks about the importance of communication and knowing your audience. In this part, he gives two different presentations of the same tablet to MediaMarkt managers interested… read more

How to Sound like an IT Guy

Following Clint’s talk last Monday, I have compiled a list of expressions and commonly used terms from his presentation that will improve your fluency and help you sound like an… IT guy. IT-Specific Expressionsdeploy software / custom-build softwarecustom v. off-the-shelf… read more

Values Selling II

Fighting on the Front Lines of Innovation – Values Selling in IT with Clinton Chadwick, May 17, 2011 “It’s not the best idea that gets implemented, but the one best communicated.” In his talk on persuasive speaking, Clint started with… read more

Values Selling

On Tuesday, 17 May 2011, I have the pleasure of introducing Clinton Chadwick at our school for a short presentation on the importance of values selling in IT. The event should provide an opportunity to discuss the importance of presentations read more

Google Translate

Google Translate is much better than its reputation deserves. Using Statistical Machine Translation (SMT), Google Translate can take nearly any text and turn it into a workable (not polished, but workable) text in a split second. Recall its predecessor, Babelfish?… read more