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Robert Cialdini, Influence

This ground-breaking work by social psychology researcher Robert Cialdini combines insights from behavioral psychology and professional influencers such as advertisers to outline, as he puts it, “the weapons of influence”. The key to understanding influence as a weapon, he says,… read more

Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic

The title alone should be sufficient to scare off any skeptical, critical business person looking for empirical data and hard facts. Its author, Elizabeth Gilbert, rose to fame through Eat Pray Love, yet another nod to New Age hippiness and… read more

Ricardo Semler, The Seven-Day Weekend

Ricardo Semler: Industrialist, Entrepreneur, Maverick. Since 1975 he has been practicing business principles that only now are becoming trendy: decentralized execution, optional meetings, employee-set salaries. The difference? His business, Semco, is a multi-billion dollar B2B manufacturer / services provider read more

Brian Robertson, Holacracy

Holacracy – a new management paradigm or fashion trend? Brian Robertson’s book on the subject, written as founder of the company consultancy of the same name, is not an overview of decentralized management models. Instead, it very specifically targets the read more

Nassim Nicholas Taleb, Antifragile

Taleb’s views in 2006 on the fragilities of global financial markets catapulted him into the spotlight when they proved right in the sub-prime crash of 2008; “Black Swans” became a buzzword for the “unknown unknowns” and have been misunderstood to read more

Chris Voss, Never Split the Difference

For those of you happy using the Harvard negotiation method, this book is not for you. If, however, you have discovered, among the issues, BATNAs, and getting to yesses, that the person you are dealing with behaves emotionally, irrationally, and read more