Anja Wicki, Comics Illustrator

Anja Wicki is an illustrator whose main passion is comics – a current exhibition of hers can be seen at Fumetto here in Lucerne.

In this interview, she talks about her current work the Meaning of Life, a project she began work on as an artist in residence in Chicago, USA. She also discusses her career as a self-employed artist and the challenges that entails, including obtaining contract work with larger companies.

A recent project of hers was drawing comics of her experiences traveling to Krasnoyarsk, Siberia, to attend a book fair. The magazine she helps produce, Ampel Magazin, published some of this work. Another project is crowdfunding via 100 Days. Many artists are turning to crowd-funding in order to raise money for their projects – this, however, requires plenty of effort and may include promotional videos in addition to the follow-up emails to sponsors.

In the end, Anja has been told by others that she is lucky to be pursuing something she loves as a full-time career despite all its challenges. Find her at the current Fumetto exhibition or at