[4.0] General Rules for Word Stress

General Rules for Word Stress

Words consisting of two or three syllables: stress on first syllable >

‘culture, ‘hesitate, ‘motivate

Longer words: stress on antepenultimate syllable (third to last) >

credi ‘bility, com’municate, methodo ‘logical

Prefix words: stress on syllable following the prefix:

inter ‘ference, in ‘tend, ex ‘pose, con ‘nect

Exceptions: some nouns have ‘zero’ stress – ‘interlude, ‘congress

Switch Stress: in two syllable words where the noun and verb is the same, nouns generally stress the first syllable, verbs the second:

verbs nouns
to in’sert text the ‘insert
to ex’cerpt a passage an ‘excerpt from a text
to con’duct an investigation our code of ‘conduct
to up’date your software install the ‘updates
to re’cord a song a new world ‘record
to take ‘off on time ready for ‘take-off
to log ‘in to the website enter your ‘login
to put ‘out the fire increase your company’s ‘output
to set ‘up a new company enter ‘setup