[2.3] Difficult Sounds: CH and G

CH can be pronounced three ways:

  1. /ʧ/ chicken, cheek, achieve, peach (standard); also tch: patch, kitchen
  2. /k/ in scientific and medical words, mostly Greek: chaos, chemist, architect, archives, epoch, stomach, mechanism, psychologist, hierarchy, ache
  3. /ʃ/ in French loans: charlatan, champagne, chic, chef, brochure, machine, parachute

G can be pronounced two ways (hard and soft G):

Hard G

1) /g/: gap, goat, gun, target (before a, o, u)

2) gu and gue: guess, guise, league, intrigue

3) ng = /ng/ or /ngw/: tongue, meringue; lingual, extinguish

4) gh = /g/ initially and medially: ghastly, ghost, spaghetti

5) gh = /f/ in final position: rough, enough, cough, laugh, draught

Soft G

  1. /ʤ/ : gesture, general, gin, danger, gymnasium, magic (before e, i, y)
  2. Common exceptions: get, gear, give, together, begin, eager